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Standard and innovative solutions for utilities

Following healthcare, education, and data center markets, Kannegieter is also a frequent partner in utility buildings such as hotels and offices, where specific requirements for IT infrastructure are needed.

Facility management for hotels

Kannegieter provides specific solutions to improve and enhance facility management in hotels. An important part of this solution includes hospitality access points and extensive fiber optic technology. By using fiber optic connections up to the hotel rooms, optimal connectivity with numerous devices is ensured. In addition, installation space can be greatly saved, leaving a maximum number of rentable square meters. Smart ingredients such as data analytics offer the possibility of continually optimizing facility management, while careful architecture and safety rules ensure that guest data is handled carefully (GDPR).

Following hotels, Kannegieter’s facility management solution is also suitable for nursing homes and student hotels, where hospitality and optimal use of space are often decisive.

Fast and stable office network

The majority of office buildings in the Netherlands still have a traditional IT infrastructure. To manage access rights simply, employees often enter with a tag or pass. Inside, a wired (patch cables) and non-wired (Wi-Fi access points) data network is installed, so computers and laptops can be easily connected and, for example, ERP systems and network printers are available to a large number of users. To guarantee a fast and reliable data connection in these offices, sufficient patch cabinets, connection points, and correct cabling are required. We are happy to play a role in this, in collaboration with our partners: the installers. After all, a good product is only sufficient with a good design and proper configuration and installation.

Facilitating hybrid work forms

An important trend in office spaces are ‘hybrid offices.’ During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have switched to a combination of working in the office and from home, a combination that will continue after the pandemic. As a result, more and more office environments are being converted into meeting places, where employees can come together, collaborate, hold meetings and flex-work. This not only requires a new layout of the building, but also a new setup of the IT infrastructure, which we are happy to support. The focus is on optimizing data traffic, good access to the cloud, excellent network security, and protecting personal data (GDPR), as well as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and any ambitions for the future.

Smart Buildings

In addition, we are the distributor and knowledge partner for Smart Buildings, where facility ICT and office automation come together in a solid network infrastructure. Following IT equipment, climate systems, lighting fixtures, and sun protection systems are increasingly being connected to the internet. In these buildings, up to <90% of the standard 220-volt supplies can be replaced by data cables, making data analytics possible. Based on this, substantial efficiency and sustainability gains can be made.

Smart Buildings are entirely at the service of their users. Not surprisingly, Smart Buildings are demonstrably more energy-efficient and comfortable, and the productivity of employees is greatly increased. Because you can see exactly which rooms are used during the day, significant savings can be made on cleaning costs. Predictive maintenance is also possible, provided that the network is set up and configured correctly.

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