Customized products

Strong in customization

Kannegieter is strong in customization. By collaborating with multiple suppliers, we can turn every question and challenge into a suitable solution. Do products need to be delivered in a specific (corporate) color? Do you want to add your own logo? Are specific connectors desired? Are standard cable lengths not enough? Or do you want to receive certain products pre-assembled? Kannegieter makes it possible!

Socket outlet solutions and desktop units

We can fully customize standard socket outlets and power strips according to your wishes. For example, by adding a logo, but also by installing specific cable lengths or plug types. Desktop units (or: desk units) can even be fully customized to your preferences. From the number of power outlets to the integration of USB chargers or HDMI connections, and in any desired color, with the option to add a logo again.

Prefab / pre-assembly

With our prefab services, we respond to the increasingly shorter lead times on projects and the growing shortage of technically skilled personnel. In our assembly workshop, copper and fiber optic cables, patch cabinets, and other products can be pre-assembled quickly, efficiently, and under the best conditions. Exactly according to your wishes. By pre-assembling cables and connectors, for example, they can be laid and connected directly in cable ducts. And the pre-assembly of patch cabinets also enables plug-and-play installation, creating a perfectly functioning installation in no time.

Why choose Kannegieter's custom products?

  • Balanced assortment of A-brand products, allowing for any configuration.
  • Complete service.
  • Expertise.
  • Strong in customization.
  • Comprehensive logistics and storage services, including Just-In-Time (JIT), Same Day, and Next Day deliveries.

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